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Savannah Sewing Academy
(Is Closing its Doors in Savannah)
As of 9/30/2014
"Thank You" for your support these three years and allowing us to
"Make a Difference" in the Community

1917 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401- 912-290-0072
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  "Making A Difference"
"Proud to Be An American"

Savannah Sewing Academy is devoted to the promoting and educating the teaching of sewing by industry standards, master classes, fashion incubator, and green initiatives in the community of Savannah and other surrounding cities.

Grass Root Sewing in Atlanta has been teaching and turning out some of Atlanta best tailors and dress makers. They are now in business for themselves making their own line of clothing, alteration shops or heads of the sewing department of some of Atlanta better department store. We are now manufacturing start up lines of clothing for some of Atlanta new designers and product developers

Savannah Sewing Academy is bringing the same care and professional training to this academy along with a Fashion Incubator to help young fashion designers and product developers create their own line and make their mark on the world of fashion. This incubator will take them from the small market to larger arena. This insight comes because there is a big difference between small business and big business operations in the clothing and textiles production.

We have to go back to the fine art of sewing, to be able to horn in our craft and make garments
the way we us to years ago and make “Made in America” mean something again.

Savannah Sewing Academy is teaching the grass root of industry sewing and create a small garment industry in
Savannah that one day will become the, Garment Industry of the South.

Classes are instructed by Georgia's Finest
Master Tailor, James McFarland, aka
   "Gentleman Jim"

Master Tailor Expert, Designer, Pattern Maker, Clothing Manufacturer, Premier Designer for Macy's,
"Catch The Designer" Seasoned Costume Designer, Apparel Instructor, 
Motivational Speaker, Lecturer, and Author, James Lee McFarland "Gentleman Jim"
is a garment industry icon.

"If you can Sew It, you can Sell It”

Famous Quote by Gentleman Jim

Become a part of the new generations of people in fashion
and product development.

"Made In America"

Savannah Sewing Academy
1917 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401


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